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Drawing of Greg

As a 7 year old I received my first camera which provided an outlet for my creativity. It was not until many years later did I discover my love of photography. Self-taught and natural ability has trained my eye to capture images that many others do not see.

My passion for photography began a couple of years after I moved to Northern Virginia. In 1999, I joined a photography club and started to hang out with other photographers. We all shot at different levels and at the time, I thought my pictures were fairly good.  I printed a few and hung them on my wall and started to enter and win competitions. Deciding to purchase a digital camera changed my life!

I now shoot at a professional level and sell professional real estate photography. In July of 2015, I moved back to Austin Texas to be closer to my family. I am now building my portfolio with images of the cities in Texas, the back roads and the landscapes in-between. As a passion I am still continuing to build my portfolio of images, however I will not have as much time to dedicate to this as most of my time will be spent with taking pictures for real estate agents.

I have launched my Real Estate Photography business so if you are a real estate agent or want work for commercial offices please contact me at www.MyATXPhotographer.com  Images have been enlarged up to 6 feet long and are printed on a variety of materials such as traditional photographic paper and canvas. If you have questions and or an interest in purchasing my work please do not hesitate to contact me.